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Yes we carry full Worksafe (WCB) coverage, 3 million general liability as well as $500,000 Environmental Impairment Insurance on all sites. This information is included on all our contracts for our customer to view and verify.

You are required by most banks today to replace aging underground storage tanks (UST) prior to their approving the mortgage of your buyer. In addition, many insurance company’s will not insure the property with a buried oil tank. They do not want to insure a property with a potential insurance liability.
You don’t know until the tank is removed. Although, there are some telltale signs that could be indications of potential problems brewing.
Yes, but the cost difference is minimal and if the tank is accessible it is better to get the tank off your property. There are now some cities that do not allow you to deactivate the tank.
The average costs for a buried 350 gallon residential tank are usually from 1400-2000. Factors that effect the cost are location access tank size fluid in tank and type of fluid as well as specific municipal guidelines.
The project usually takes just 1-1 1/2 days if there are no unexpected circumstances to remove a buried oil tank.
Once a customer decides to go forward with the project, mark outs (Dig safely) need to be completed, permits filed and inspections scheduled. Usually 2-4 days.
Absolutely. An old oil tank still has some oil and sludge in it, even if it has been pumped out. After a period of time, it is bound to decay. This will cause an oil spill, and it will also cause the ground to sink.
An above-ground or basement installation should take about half a day. A buried installation typically takes a full day. Foam abandonment’s take up to an hour and a half, depending on the temperature. Sand and slurry abandonment’s will take no more than a day. Spill remediation can take months to years.
It depends on the severity of the weather. We rarely work in snow. We do work in drizzle, but not in generous rain because water will get inside the tank. We can tarp the area if needed to get the job done.
Down-payments are preferable, but not necessary.
No one needs to be present for an abandonment because no access to the house is required.
Oil taken from an abandoned or removed tank is transported to a licensed disposal facility.
Contaminated soil is first stockpiled on site until it is approved for disposal. It is then carted to a licensed facility, where its contaminant levels are checked.

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Customer Reviews

Thank you for your hard work and professionalism in removing the oil tank from the property. The guys on site were fantastic and I will recommend Action Oil Tanks in the future.
Lean Maclnnis, Re/Max Treeland
Thank you so much for your amazing work. You made a very difficult situation as painless – and mess-less – as possible.
Maureen & Alan Baylen
Thank you for taking care of the oil tank removal at the property. You did a great job walking us through the process, it’s obvious that you take pride in what you do.
Bradon Larson, Royal LePage
Thank you so much for you continued support. It is always so appreciated and I will continue to champion your company.
Leslie McDonnell, Property Sales Vancouver
Thanks for your effort alone and explaining things in a very professional manner. We are pleased with the results and will definitely pass on your company’s name as a very competent and reliable service. Carry on the good work.
John Worsley


We carry full WCB coverage, so you can rest assured that the job will be done right.